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Arduboy Clone "GameDude"

A recently devoped budget alternative to the well known Arduboy project.

With a nokia 5110 lcd and based on the AtMaga328p microcontroller the GameDude is a powerful little educational tool focussed on getting kids into programming and hardware.

PiBot V0.2

The journey towards an affordable, mobile, versatile, Raspberry Pi based robot. 

Files and source code available here: 

We're At Odense Robotics Club

On Monday the 25th of February I paid my very first visit to the robotics club hosted in the main campus of SDU university, Odense.

Mad Maker

Come may 24th we will be releasing the very first episode of Byrith's The Mad Maker on YouTube. Stay tuned!

get your hands on exclusive Mad maker and Byrith merch including stickers, devboards, project kits, and more!

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If you live in Fyn, Denmark, and have a keen interest in robotics, electronics, and engineering we'd love to hear from you. Let us know if you'd be interested in a meet up!

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Update video featured above

Just a quick hello from your friendly neighborhood maker and citizen scientist, Alexander Lacy.

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